Katarina Kostić: If you thought the media are boring, think again


People today can’t stand even a second of being bored. They want to fill their free time and spend more time with the media than ever before

As part of the educational program AcademIAA, Katarina Kostić, regional director of development for media operations at UM, gave a lecture entitled Why the whole world is mesmerized by the media?, which opened the educational module Media.

“It was an honor to bring students of AcademIAA program into this rapidly changing world. The role of the media and media agencies are often viewed from a very banal standpoint, as if we are here only to lease advertising space and to say when and where the message of the brand should appear,” said Katarina.

We share with you the tips that Katarina gave to young people who are just entering the world of advertising:

The role of a media agency is never to simply lease and plan. Don’t look at this area of advertising in that way. If you take it like that you will not be relevant to the world and the time in which you are working and consumers for whom the brand message is served, nor to the clients who need to see the results. Media channels are evolving rapidly, and thus the opportunities and potential for their nonstandard use are continuously opening, which brings outstanding results to those who take advantage of this opportunity. Always observe the situation from different angles, try to see the bigger picture, be curious.

People today can’t stand even a second of being bored. They want to fill their free time, so they spend more time with the media and different contents than ever before. The amount of media that surround us is drastically higher than before. To be successful in this business, you need to be noticed and relevant to the consumer at the time of media abundance, and this requires an understanding of consumers, analysis of data about their behavior every second, and connecting with a good idea that we need to spread through a variety of media channels. Therefore, a better understanding and analysis of data, better use of technology, integration of traditional and digital media and integration with creative ideas is today the only way to reach the consumer, and that is the job of media agencies. Develop creativity and analytical skills, follow the development of technology and global trends in the field of advertising.

A media agency, thanks to data, information, measurements and tools that it owns, develops and collects – all as a result of technological progress – has placed itself in the role of a very important business partner and advisor. In this area, with the help of econometrics, you can find the link between results that brands want to achieve and all marketing and media activities. So, develop in the direction of analytics and modeling, learn to understand the relationship between different types of data and ways you can connect them to get interesting insights for campaign planning, master the Excel, SPSS and other tools available for data processing.